WordPress Basics – User Guide

Writing Pages and Posts in Microsoft WordHelplogo

We are too accustomed to writing with software like Microsoft Word, but have you ever had an instance when your computer instantly shuts down, and you lose all your work? Or how about when you pasted your article from Microsoft Word, it added tons of weird characters in your posts.

Yes? Well there is a paste from Word button in WordPress visual editor, but we always recommend our Editors/Authors to use the built-in WordPress post editor. WordPress has the auto-save ability, so it saves your posts even if you don’t hit save. WordPress post editor also allows you to look through your revisions and restore to an earlier version if you like.

So in summary, the recommended method of adding text to a page or a post is to use the built in WordPress visual editor, also known as the TextBox editor in Blackboard.

If you are pasting from Word and your aim is just to copy text with hyperlinks then this works fine in WordPress. If for example you wanted to copy and paste a Module Guide document, containing formatting, tables and images, then this all gets stripped out by WordPress, so any aligned text is justified to the left, tables work to a fashion but aren’t truly replicated and images don’t work.

It would be better in this instance to upload the document and link to it.

Using images in WordPress