Charlotte Hardacre

CASE STUDY SERIES: Charlotte Hardacre, Lecturer, Working with Child and Family Studies.

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  Using PebblePad in PhD Research …… and much, much more.

Following attendance at a summer research workshop provided by AQD, which outlined the potential of using PebblePad for research, Charlotte decided to use the personal learning system to collate and manage the information she was gathering for her PhD research.

Early drafts, literature searches, blogs and records of meetings with her supervisor are all stored within Charlotte’s asset store and linked within a webfolio. She finds it particularly useful to be able to share this document, as it’s evolving, with her supervisor. Her supervisor makes comments on her work  and now all their comments and interaction are all in one place.
She uses the mobile app, Pebble Pocket, to upload assets such as photographs and voice recordings to her asset store without having to ‘do anything with wires’ – she simply sends the item via wifi and it is ready to incorporate into her emerging webfolio.
Video: How Charlotte uses PebblePad in her research (7:48mins):
Students using PebblePad:
Not only does Charlotte use PebblePad for her research, she also uses it within a creative module she leads within the Working with Children and Families programme.

In this module, students are tasked with creating an artifact comprising a story-sack which is designed to be used within family sessions. Students have to document the creation of their story sack – why they chose the subject theme, its evolution and a reflection on its usefulness. Students take photographs of their work as it progresses and include these in their webfolio with their reflections. Their work builds up over time.

The work is marked via PebblePad and the EE has access to the work too.
Video: How Charlotte uses PebblePad with her students (1:53mins):
Charlotte also used PebblePad as a Student:

Charlotte first used PebblePad as a student herself on the PgC in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PGCLTHE) and for her Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

So this thorough grounding gave her a good understanding of what the students need to know.
“I found it straightforward and not a challenge and so was really confident in explaining how to use it to students”.

The WCF team also use PebblePad in their Leadership and Management module and students are expected to upload their CVs into PebblePad.

“In the 21st Century, sending a weblink as your CV and personal statement makes more sense  than sending  word documents”.  

Students can register for an alumni account when they leave the university and this is FREE FOREVER. So whatever they have created and stored in their PebblePad accounts whilst they were a student, will still be accessible to them forever.

Using PebblePad as a Student (1:16mins):