Internationalisation within the HE context encompasses a broad spectrum of complementary activities. It is important to offer an international perspective within curriculum to develop students into global citizens, but also to ensure the curriculum is inclusive (and attractive) to all students, including international.


Internationalising the curriculum

– LTA matters: Internationalisation

Video_icon   Introduction to Internationalisation at UoC, Marion Yates, Head of International Development

Supporting international students

– Supporting international students, top tips

Video_icon   Exploring Teaching with International Students, Krista Court

External resources

Internationalisation framework, HEA, 2014
This is designed as an enhancement tool, focused on the impact and contribution of learning an teaching on internationalisation.

International Student Lifecycle, HEA, 2014
This contains a bank of resources to help improve the quality of learning and teaching for international students, by providing guidance about how to meet the diverse learning needs of international students.