Overview of Services

The Academic Quality and Development (AQD) service has a broad remit managing the university’s quality assurance processes and supporting the professional and career development of staff.

We support teaching and learning enhancement and we are responsible for academic regulations, annual monitoring, validations, collaborative provision, external examining and other areas of quality assurance.

Our Learning Technologists support the flexible and distributed delivery of learning opportunities along with the service being business owner and developer of the following systems:

  • Blackboard – the university’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  • PebblePad – the University’s e-Portfolio and Personal Learning Space (PLS)
  • Turnitin – online assessment & feedback
  • BOS – online survey tool
  • Medial – streaming / media server
  • Relay – screen recording system

Please note that qualitative data is available on request and also at http://www.unistats.com.