Profile Stuart Illingworth

Senior Learning Technologist

I originally qualified as a joiner, cabinet maker & undertaker and then progressed to antique restoration. Later, I changed direction and sat a degree, BSc (hons) in Multimedia Production and Applied Imaging Sciences, at the then St Martin’s College.

My next move was to the Languages Development Centre, still at St Martin’s College, where I did desktop publishing in 12 languages, for ‘teaching packs’.

I then became the first ‘Learning Technologist’, at the college, working for CDLT which became CDLT+, then CDEPP and now Academic Enhancement & Innovation within AQD.


Among my many interests, outside work, I enjoy technology in general, photography, video and audio and computery stuff in general, but I still like to do a bit of woodwork and antique restoration from time to time. Oh, and I like watching telly too…

Contact details

01524 590862