Profile Andy White

Learning Technology Manager

When I first started working in HE, a part of my role was to support a handful of aging Banda machines  and Amstrad PCW word processors. Both technologies were being used by students for their assignments, and both were already well past their sell-by date. St Martin’s College, as it was at the time, soon started to make more of increasing network speeds-and-availability to initially help support communication between campus locations, before later offering on-and-off campus opportunities for staff & students, through systems such as Blackboard and PebblePad.
These learning & teaching systems have grown in use and importance over the years, and have been joined by others, such as Turnitin.

Roles and responsibilities

I have “system manager” responsibilities for the main learning & teaching systems at the university. As well as aiming to get the most out of the systems, and ensuring their smooth running, the team also provide support to departments and staff to help encourage the effective use of technology to enable and enhance learning.


Having studied for both my degree and MA “at a distance”, I can empathise with the challenges (and the opportunities) of trying to deliver effective and engaging learning online, and also what it’s like to be at the received end as a student.
In my spare time I enjoy getting out onto the fells – taking my camera to hopefully capture some nice pictures.

Contact Details

01524 385465 (internal 5765)