External Reviews & Audits

The University and many of its programmes are regularly audited and accredited by a wide range of Professional, Statutory, and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs). In many cases, PSRB accreditation may lead to a right to practice a profession, achieve exemption from professional examinations and/or membership of a professional body.

PSRB accreditation provides an important guarantor that its standards are appropriate and that its curriculum is relevant.  The following is not a definitive list, but provides an indication of the types of external audit the University and its provision is subject to.  The links will take you to the website of the relevant PSRB.

Institutional level

Institutional Audit (April 2011).

Ofsted Reports (a variety of Ofsted reports are available).

Subject level

Many disciplines will also have their own PSRB who may accredit or recognise programmes.