L&T FEST 2017

The Learning and Teaching Fest is an annual event which provides an opportunity to promote and share good practice in learning and teaching and to exchange ideas. All members of staff involved in learning and teaching are invited to get involved, by either presenting a session or attending on the day.

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Tuesday 20 June 2017 – Fusehill Street Campus, Carlisle
Theme: Student Success:  Adding Value through ‘Learning Gain’


Ruth PilkingtonWe are pleased to announce this year’s main keynote speaker for the Learning & Teaching Fest is Dr Ruth Pilkington (NTF, 2014; PFHEA; SFSEDA)

Developing as an Academic in HE 2020

Adding Value to the student university experience through ‘Learning Gain’ dominates concerns as we progress to 2020. The imperative of Learning Gain is driven by the TEF assessment framework with its emphasis on learning, teaching excellence and standards; by the rise of employability and consumer orientations around degree study; and by the increased competition within the HE sector. In focusing on this subject, the University of Cumbria is taking a timely step to addressing this agenda by highlighting a consideration of the purpose, nature and development of the academic role. Learning Gain does not happen without the input and effort of academic and professional staff in building the student experience. I argue that this generates a further priority for any HEP, namely the professional learning and empowerment of its workforce to respond to these agendas (Barnett, 2008). This requires a contribution from the HEP itself in its development of this human resource, and equally as crucially, it requires academics reconsider in turn their stance on career, professional learning, role priorities and challenges, and the development of life-long personal and professional capital. What does it mean to be an academic within the TEF driven HE sector?

This keynote explores the challenge of developing faculty for 2020 and beyond. It outlines the shifting landscape of academic careers (Cashmore et al, 2013; Locke et al, 2014; 2016; UKPSF, 2011). Next I examine the nature of professional capital and agency in professional learning (Appleby & Pilkington, 2014), and the challenge of how to plan and prepare strategically for career-long, flexible, creative professional development. This demands high levels of entrepreneurship and employability, I suggest as well as political and organisational awareness, agency and leadership, elements of which are being structured into HEP system and processes (Pilkington, 2015; 2016).  Finally, I discuss potential approaches and models for learning as academics within HE 2020, and encourage participants to review their learning as entrepreneurial agents as they engage in the professional learning spaces offered by the conference day.

Afternoon Keynote

UoC Lecturer of the Year/Creative Lecturer of the Year

We look forward to welcoming you to Fusehill Street campus for a day celebrating the very best of learning and teaching practice at the University of Cumbria

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