Case Study Template


You could argue this is the most important element, so as with a blog post or article headline it’s worth spending time getting it right.

But unlike a blog post, case study headline should always focus on a specific result, i.e. ‘The module survey results improved for last year by Y% by doing Z.’

“Quote from Staff”

Including a quote early on makes the case study instantly more credible, so try to include one right beneath the headline.

Preferably the quote should summarise the specific benefit that came out of the work rather than just giving generic praise.


Key achievements

You can either list these as bullet points or do something more creative, but keep it brief and stick to the most attractive results that came out of the work.

By this point you have given everything away within just a few seconds of reading, which is the idea.

Now potential readers/adopters of this practise can either make a decision based on that information or go into further detail if they’re interested.

The brief/objectives/problem/challenge

Describe the aim/challenges in general terms, followed by what this specific member of staff was trying to achieve/overcome.

The work

Talk about what you did specifically for this member of staff, followed by how this work could be applied generally to other areas of the university.

The results

Use solid numbers where possible and try to present the results in an easily digestible format such as a bulleted list.


What is the evidence on the impact of students and their learning?

Advice for others

What advice would you give to others looking to implement something similar? (positives, negatives, lessons learnt)

What do you plan to do next?