RCN Conference, 20-21 March 2018

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Partners in Practice: Nurses Working Together Through Change.

Royal College of Nursing Education Forum, National Conference & Exhibition.

20 – 21 March 2018

Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Lisa Smith, Senior Lecturer in Emergency and Urgent Care and Sarah Ruston, Senior Learning Technologist, Academic Quality and Standards.

Using Blogs for structured learning activities in Undergraduate and Postgraduate nursing education.

Lisa had the brilliant (but scary) idea of presenting our work on blogs, at this national conference a few months ago, so we duly submitted our proposal at the allotted time. We were pleased to hear that we had been accepted early in the New Year.  We would be supporting each other and presenting as a duo, and it would be a nice trip where we would find out what others are doing in the nursing sector. Unfortunately, on the day (well several before it) Lisa succumbed to the flu and could not stand, let alone travel for 3 hours and present at a conference. Therefore, there was nothing for it but for Sarah to present the paper on her own.

The keynote speech was very interesting, especially when the Regional Director of the RCN, Glenn Turp, gave a recent overview of the RCN and mentioned the University of Cumbria in a very positive light stating ‘we love the University of Cumbria’ as I think many of our students go on to be members of the RCN.


So, onto my presentation, thankfully straight after the opening keynote. There I am with no nursing qualifications (so not a lot in common with the other 270 delegates) presenting to a room of 40+ people as a first-time presenter at a conference, with a very shaky internet connection (my presentation relied totally on the internet!).

I talked about the work Lisa has done to move away from the somewhat chaotic discussion boards within Blackboard, and onto using the Blackboard blog feature. Blogs have really benefited her management of the large cohorts she is dealing with, especially as it is totally online delivery. Once I got started, I really enjoyed presenting the session and had lots of interesting questions and debate afterwards so the presentation had certainly garnered quite a bit of  interest.

Next time Lisa suggests a joint conference presentation, I might think twice………!

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