Academic Professional Workshops May 2017

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Staff Development Week

15th– 19th May AQD and Information Services will be delivering a series of staff development sessions.  In light of the changes to the Disabled Students Allowance we have developed a session for colleagues which highlights best practice in inclusive learning, teaching and curriculum design and will support staff in developing and adapting their learning and teaching practice in light of funding changes for disabled students.  These sessions will be run on each of our northern campuses.  Personal tutoring is vital to the success of our students and we are therefore running two sessions on effective Personal Tutoring Practice in Lancaster & Carlisle.  Colleagues from Information Services are offering a refresher session on Cite them Right which will take place in Lancaster and Fusehill Street.

This summer we will be upgrading our Learning Technologies and as a result there will be some changes to how some of our systems look and behave, we are running a number of sessions on our northern campuses to introduce these changes to colleagues in advance of the new academic year.

To view the Timetable in PDF format, please click here
Session Descriptions:

Inclusive Learning & Teaching: How do the changes in funding for disabled students affect inclusive learning, teaching and assessment? What are you expected to do in your role? This workshop covers: Practical ideas and activities towards creating an equal learning experience for all students; An understanding of ‘reasonable adjustments’ and the impact on your teaching; Curriculum design and delivery considerations relating to inclusive practice; An opportunity to share/update what inclusive practice means in your learning environment and context

Cite Them Right Refresher:Refresh your knowledge of referencing using the 10th edition of Cite Them Right (Pears and Shields, 2016) and find out how to support your students with their referencing skills. Topics include: * Following the rules of in-text and end-text referencing * Understanding the changes in the 10th edition of Cite Them Right Staff new to the University or those who want to brush up their referencing skills. * Accessing Cite them Right online * Supporting students in developing their referencing skills * Bring any queries which you are happy to share with colleagues.

Effective Personal Tutoring: Personal Tutoring is a pro-active academic role designed to raise achievement and maximise student potential. This workshop aims to introduce you to PT policy and practice and demonstrate how you and your teams can make the most out of this activity through discussion and showcasing existing excellent practice.

Learning Technology Coming Soon:  Prior to the start of academic year 2017/18 there will be some changes to the core learning technology systems at the university, namely: * PebblePad is moving to version 5 * Turnitin GradeMark is moving to Turnitin Feedback Studio * Blackboard is being upgraded, which includes a theme change * The streaming server, Medial, is moving to version 5 These updates were highlighted in an earlier iLead post ( , and this session provides an opportunity for you to see and hear more about the changes.

Skype for Business for Learning & Teaching; Do you need to make contact with your students individually or in groups when they’re not coming to campus?  Webinar technology has come a long way in the last few years.  Did you know that Skype for Business can be used as a webinar tool and is perfect for individual and group sessions?  In this session we will highlight how to make effective use of this technology for webinars and other teaching and learning activities.

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