ALT Winter Conference 2016

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I was asked a few months ago if I would like to present at this years ALT (Association for Learning Technology) Winter Conference by means of a Webinar.

Initially I had my doubts as I am unaccustomed to presenting in my role and didn’t feel best positioned to do so. However, as I would be covering our recent WordPress projects regarding iLead and our Knowledgebase, I felt confident I could deliver an engaging and informative webinar.

My proposal was accepted and so on Tuesday 6th December 2016 I gave a 30 minute presentation (iLead by Example) including Q&A’s to around 30 candidates using Blackboard Collaborate and I talked about our journey with WordPress, why we embarked on the project, our findings and future plans.

One of the questions asked was, “Why didn’t you consider any other in house project software?” and that was one of the main drivers for taking the WordPress project on as we wanted our staff to be able to find information readily without the need to log into multiple platforms and trawl through pages of content that may not have been relevant. For example, historically we’ve had content spread across StaffNet, Pebblepad, Blackboard, the Cumbria Academy among others, the majority requiring staff to log in and also having very poor search results.

With our wordpress sites, content has been structured, classified and tagged making the process much easier and delivering the search results immediately.

Another candidate also asked if there were any concerns about the openness of iLead and our Knowledgebase? I eluded to the fact I’d taken a James Bond approach to other institutional Blogs over a period of time and found a number of them were open and  accessible and we didn’t have any concerns following suite given there was nothing published which could be deemed sensitive information.

I had some very positive feedback after the presentation and felt what we’ve achieved with WordPress so far has great potential and benefit to out staff.

Overall, I found the event rewarding and encouraging to be part of the ALT community.

A recording of the Webinar is available from

More on our WordPress journey can be found on a Pebblepad Webfolio here.









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